Flight (2010)

Written & Directed by Nicholas Verso
Cinematography: Stefan Duscio
Music: Patrick Jonsson
Production Design: La-Ra Hinckeldeyn
Sound Design: Finn Robertson
Assistant Director: Hermione Merry
Sound Recordist: Luke Bacci
Camera Assistant: Asuka Baskett
Production Assistant: Tristan Hamilton
Stunt Co-ordinator: Zev Eleftheriou
Assistant Stunt Co-ordinator: Graham Jahne
Stunt Assistants: Jade Amantea & Brendan Guerin
Colourist: Fergus Hally
Wire & Rig Removal: Hase Media

Cast: Timothy Regard, Tim Barling, Christopher Craig, Lakyn Heperi, Sakazi Omar, Jessy Kurth

Jonah dreams of being able to fly away from his life in the housing commission. But after an encounter at the local skate park, he finds his wings in an unexpected way.

Flight is a new short film that was shot in August with a great crew and team of skaters. Made with the support of New Era Skateboarding and City Of Stonnington.

Some background behind the film here – http://collabor8te.com/video/flight-dir-nicholas-verso/



June 2011Little Big Shots (Melbourne)

15th April 2011Shorts Film Festival (Adelaide)

20th Feb 2011Movie Extra Tropfest (Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Hobart, Adelaide, Surfers Paradise, Perth and televised on Movie Extra)


UPDATE (February 25th 2011):

Tropfest was an amazing premiere.  The response to Flight has been so positive.

We were thrilled to have our film screened in front of such a huge audience with industry judges Bruce Beresford, Liz Watts, Olivia Newton-John, Xavier Samuel, Stephan Elliott and Joseph Fiennes.

We were particularly honoured when Mr Fiennes announced us to be his favourite film of the night.

“So good in every way. Great sound mix. Great camera work. Great editing. Great acting. Very Donnie Darko with the masks. Loved it… I might have to give it to Flight as it touches on great human depths and emotions.”

Below are some quotes we’ve found from various reviews around the net:

“…a strangely haunting story about hope in poverty, featuring a skateboarder who isn’t part of the local skateboarding crowd, and who privately attempts to fly. There was literally half a word of dialogue. I thought it was beautifully acted and filmed, saturated with hope against a crummy backdrop, and the mix of skateboarding with naive hope and grace was an excellent choice.”

“…something about the tone and the feel of this one really made it one of my favourites. No dialogue yet such an arresting main character. Like a really cool graphic novel that you can’t explain why you like.”

“Poetry becomes better when it has a psychological basis, your ‘Flight ‘ is the proof of it. Superb.”

Absolutely wonderful in every way. This film really got me for so many reasons. Apart from the fact it’s shot superbly and features some magnificent sound design and music, the sentiment behind all that is fantastic. We’ve all at times felt intimidated to try something we know we’re good at in front of an audience, just in case we get it wrong and our confidence is shattered in the process. But sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith in life, in any situation. The feeling of accomplishment when we do is like nothing else, and even if it does go wrong, to garner the respect of your peers for displaying the courage to have a go is just as good a feeling.”

“amazing actors, amazing filming, amazing job! its things like these that inspire you to do more.”