Nocturne: Forgotten

Gallery Installation Dates: 20th July – 23rd July 2011 (5.30pm – 8.30pm)

Sound Speakers & Video Projections: 20th July – 7th August (from sunset)

Location: Signal Arts Gallery (Northbank, behind Flinders Street Station, Melbourne)

Nocturne: Forgotten is the result of a series of workshops exploring the concept of “the lost boy” in contemporary society.

Artist Hermione Merry and filmmaker Nicholas Verso worked with boys detained in remand at Melbourne’s Juvenile Justice Centre in Parkville.  Through a series of oral storytelling workshops, the boys were encouraged to tell their stories and experiences of the world.  These stories touched upon themes of family, isolation, escape, dreams, friendship, role models and death.  The line between reality and fiction constantly blurred as the boys would seek to “one up” each other, often burying secret truths within tall tales and bravado.

These audio recordings were then shared with boys at a workshop at Signal Gallery in early July who responded visually to these stories.

This material forms the basis for a multiform work incorporating an 18 speaker sound wall, video projections and experiential installation where audiences are invited to step inside the emotional landscape of these boys and their forgotten voices.