DJ Versey Verse

DJ VERSEY VERSE has been filling dancefloors in clubs across his home town of Melbourne and around the world for almost twenty years, living and playing in Amsterdam, London, Venice, Los Angeles and Beijing.

Starting out in goth/punk clubs and playing after parties for artists ranging from New Order, The Creatures to Reel Big Fish, VERSEY moved into a more unashamedly party style, encompassing hip hop, electro, house, indie and anything to get a crowd dancing.

He has DJed at a range of venues including The Forum, Roxanne Parlour, Miss Libertine’s,The Peel, A Bar Called Barry’s, Revolver and Order Of Melbourne as well as events such as the Venice Film Festival Closing Party, Melbourne Film Festival Opening Night and Midsumma’s Opening T Party to crowds of over 50,000 people.

He is best known for his legendary nights at the Perseverance on Brunswick St. starting and playing the infamous That 90’s Night which has seen thousands through the door and queues around the block for over a decade.


THURSDAYS: Thursgay – Yah Yahs, Fitzroy

SATURDAYS: The Bridge Hotel, Richmond

SATURDAYS: The Deck, Melbourne CBD

SATURDAYS: The Perseverance, Fitzroy